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What we do

  • Launch internal facing business apps and dashboards with low-code tools, API integrations and RPA automation

  • Launch external facing products with low-code and full-stack development teams

  • Help clients analyse target market and audience, value proposition, benchmark competitors and prioritise delivery with frameworks like lean / MVP

  • Automate business processes with RPA tools and enterprise solutions

  • Analyse an ongoing project on team / processes / product / delivery / velocity issues and give practical solutions and feedback to increase speed, quality and confidence, conflicts mediation and resolution

  • Help business owners and startup founders watch trends, generate new product ideas, design business experiments and go-to-market strategy

  • Help startups do business development and fundraising

  • Build lead generation & sales processes for remote / online product and service teams


Tools and approaches

Notion is a fantastic tool to manage projects, tasks and teams, build knowledge bases and data rooms for distributed projects and teams

Bubble is a tool for building web apps with custom logic (workflows), database, responsive UI, JavaScript plugins and external API integrations

Flutterflow is a modern tool for building cross-platform apps from scratch

Adalo is a tool for building mobile apps fast for both Android and Apple mobile platforms

Retool is suitable for building dashboards and data management tools fast with powerful building blocks and external integrations

Outsystems is a powerful low-code platform for building customer mobile apps, service applications, large scale and enterprise solutions

Webflow is a website builder for creating beautiful landing pages and marketplaces with lots of templates and customisation tools

Tilda is a website builder with powerful tools and beautiful templates for creating online presentations, landing pages, professional and personal websites

Carrd landing pages and personal profiles builder with fresh and beautiful templates

Botmother is a cloud bot building tool with scenario builder, external integrations and multi channel capabilities

Botpress is an open-source, cloud and on-premise chatbot engine with NLU features and support for many popular messaging channels

FlowXO is a tool for building chatbots with custom workflows, apps integrations and AI components


Tools like help automate business processes and data management within web browser and desktop environments, utilising OCR and image recognition features


Full-stack development

We use full-stack developers and teams when a low-code product requires some coding components like JavaScript plugins or API integrations or when we build a product from scratch with classic cross-platform architecture and roles that include backend, web frontend, mobile apps, QA and devops


Agile / Scrum

We use iterative development methodologies both for low-code and full-stack products that include weekly or bi-weekly iterations, product backlog with features and story points, daily and weekly reports, time tracking



Why low code?

  • Iterate your product fast

  • Focus on value proposition, go-to-market and product-market-fit

  • Don’t invest too much effort, time and money with full stack development teams until you are 100% confident with what you want to build

  • Many low-code tools are powerful enough to deliver a full-blown production-level solution for a sufficient lifetime, not only early MVP prototype

Why weekly iterations?

  • Build a piece of product fast

  • Less negotiations & paperwork

  • More focus on delivery

Where are you located?

  • We are a remote-first team

  • Part of the team is located in Uruguay

  • Other team members are in different regions


Clients & Cases


Revolutionizing How Organizations Plan, Track, and Deliver Value. Valuu, a cutting-edge technology company that provides innovative solutions to help organizations plan, track, and deliver value and transform digital transformation. Valuu's flagship product, ValuuWorkspace, streamlines workflows, optimizes performance, and achieves business objectives more efficiently.

Technological stack:
Desktop and mobile app build on

Norma SAAS designed for the construction industry

NORMA digital management system designed for the construction industry Marking, invoicing, accounting of workers at the facility and calculating wages based on the results of the reporting period. As well as a database of materials and a system for re-ordering missing equipment.
Technological stack Desktop and mobile app build on Bubble

United Impact

The first collaboration platform for NGOs and other organizations who are making the world a better place. United Impact volunteers are filling the initial database. Focused on the segment of the European humanitarian challenges.

F2B / Bank guarantees

B2B scoring engine for legal entities in CIS markets
Built on with custom JavaScript plugins
Inbound API integrations with Seldon.
Inbound and outbound API integrations with banks
Web apps for users
Web apps for admins
NodeJS JavaScript tools + Notion tables as a backend and CRM
UI Vision RPA ( for data collection
Chatbots built with
Promo sites and landing pages made with

Invental Dashboard

Invental App is a custom project management and product management dashboard and planning system.
Allows the development team to flexibly distribute work hours across the weekly sprint. As well as a tool for budgeting, predicting the speed of development depending on the number of people in the team and the cost of a weekly iteration.
Technological stack Desktop and mobile app build on Bubble

Vitrina multivendor marketplace on low-code

Vitrina is a multi-vendor marketplace for niche food suppliers and manufacturers in premium segment.
Technological stack:
Desktop and mobile app build on Customer support chat bot on Botmother. API integrations of Delivery services, address database and payment system.

Invental team

Pricing & processes


  • Hourly price per low-code developer

  • Weekly iteration about 10-25 hours for 1 developer

  • 100% pre-pay for each iteration

Full stack

  • Contractual cost per hour depending on the complexity of the task

  • Terms of reference and agreed with the client when signing the contract

  • Weekly iterations 100% pre-pay for each

Iterations and progress control

  • Daily & weekly reports, time tracking

  • Notion database

  • Timeline

  • References

  • Feature library

  • Knowledge base for instruments and technological stack

  • Daily reports in Telegram

Invental team


Low-code teams

  • UI/UX designers

  • Bubble developers

  • JavaScript developers

  • QA engineers

  • Account managers

Full-stack teams

  • UI/UX designers

  • PHP backend developers

  • Python backend developers

  • Data scientists / engineers

  • JavaScript full-stack developers

  • iOS app Developers

  • Android app developers

  • QA engineers

  • DevOps engineers

  • Account managers

Invental team

Knowledge Base

Trend watching, API tools, Low-code tools, UI/UX libraries

Invental team

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